April 6, 2013

Puddle Jumping

We had a beautiful week here last week. Sunshine and weather in the mid 60's and low 70's, which for my part of Oregon is AWESOME this time of year! Well this week we are back to rain...rain... and more rain. 

This evening after dinner my adorable daughter yelled,
 "LOOK MOMMY! PUDDLES!! Can I go out and jump in them!?!?!" 
I told her go for it! So here and daddy threw on coats and shoes over pajamas, and went and jumped in puddles for almost an hour. It was so cute to watch them playing together. Here are some pictures of their fun!

(NOTE: These pictures are unedited. I just had a few moments to to do a quick post!)

Such a cutie!

"I'm gunna get you daddy!"

My baby BIG girl!

Kicking water at daddy.

There is that tongue again!


Kicking water at daddy again!

She got mud on her face and in her mouth, daddy's cleaning her up.


Soaking wet!
She had a blast! My husband is so wonderful for being willing to go and play in the rain with her! Great memories for everyone!

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