The Cast!


Thank you for stopping by! I wanted to write a little about myself and why I am blogging.

I am a wife to my amazing husband and a mother to two wonderful children. I love to cook, craft and sometimes clean. I love to do anything as long as it includes my family. I have a love/ hate relationship with my 1980"s sewing machine and would love to someday get a new one! Felt and mod podge are probably my favorite craft mediums to work with. But I love anything to do with crafting.

Quirky things about me!
  1. I clean when I get frustrated or overwhelmed
  2. I never exactly follow a recipe - I have to change at least ONE thing
  3. I cry every time Little Foots mommy dies :-(
  4. I save everything, milk/juice jugs, TP rolls, Fabric and felt scraps... Everything!
  5. I enjoy finding ways to be frugal
  6. I'm obsessed with taking pictures!
  7. I never untie my shoes
  8. I drink my coffee so sweet that you can't tell it's coffee
  9. I always have at least 5 projects going
  10. I'm a sucker for Disney movies
  11. I love being organized!
  12. I want 4 kids (may or may not happen)
  13. I LOVE ice water
  14. I love to shop, especially for craft supplies or something organizational
  15. I'm addicted to making lists
  16. I'm a worrier
  17. I can't sit and watch TV with out doing something creative
Now here is the rest of the cast you will see here on my blog!
 Let me introduce....
 Sister Bear - 2.5 years old
My beautiful daughter is such a bright little girl. She is such a talker and has been since the moment she was born! She works very hard to make sure you can understand what she is saying, but often talks too quiet. She loves cartoons, her daddy, all animals and marshmallows! She always has her tongue out. When she's concentrating, playing, talking... all the time! Sister Bear has defiantly pickup a lot of traits from me, and not always the good ones lol. She is a kind and loving little girl and I am enjoying (almost) every moment of watching her grow up!

Brother Bear - currently 8 months
Baby Bear is a wonderful baby and very observant. He has so many expressions! If you ever meet him, he would give you this blank stare, look at me and smile, and if I smile at him, he will then smile at you. He loves following his big sister around and bugging her. He loves the bath, blocks, and his daddy! I have never seen a newborn sleep so much. All he did from day one, was sleep and eat. He gained weight by the pound! Right now he's only a few pounds lighter then his sister! He is a very sweet and calm baby. I love watching him grow and seeing his personality come out!

Papa Bear - age unknown :)

This is my wonderful husband. Honestly he's the best! I know everyone says that, but who else has a husband who can work, clean, do laundry, play with the kids, cook, be romantic and make his whole family smile on a daily basis!?! He can never decided if he wants a beard or not :-) He is a very quiet person who keeps most things to himself and speaks very softly (DRIVES ME NUTS!). He is so loving and kind and can fix just about anything! He loves camping and off roading and mud. I couldn't ask for a better husband!

Then there is me...
I love to craft, cook, take pictures, organize, be frugal, blogging and Facebook . I always think of myself as a Jack of all trades, but a Master of none. I know (and am slowly learning more) how to use my hand me down sewing machine, and serger. I can cross stitch, crochet, knit, scrapbook (did that for a long time) sew and can learn just about anything. I love to find projects for my kids and I to do. A lot of my posts will be about projects we have done.

Cooking... I am amazed my husband and I survived the early years of us living together. I knew how to make tater tot casserole, chicken (1 way), frozen meals in a bag and sandwiches. We must have eaten out a lot! I now know the wonders of family recipes ( THANK YOU GRANDMA!),, Google, and Pintrest! (How the world survived without Pintrest...I just don't know!) Well these days we have more variety in our meals. Thank goodness! I have dabbled in freezer meals and freezer cooking. (look for a post about these later) I actually like cooking!

I LOVE being organized. That's all I need to say. I LOVE Jen over at iHeart Organizating . I have post its, pads of paper, and lists everywhere! I will be posting little projects I have done here and there.

Pictures. I take A LOT! I am obsessed with pictures and hoard them. I'm so glad I started blogging, because it gives me a (free) creative way to use some of the pictures I take instead of them just sitting on my computer. 

Well I could write on forever, but I'm sure you are done hearing about us! Thank you for stopping by and please take a look around! I have all my posts organized by label on my right side bar. Or you can click on a tab at the top of the page and it will take you to a page with all those posts. I am open to any and all comment and suggestions so please feel free to leave a note! I love getting feed back from my (very few) readers, its just makes my day!

Map of My Heart is about all the different things I am passionate about. Its about me. My life. My family.


  1. Hi Kate! Just wanted to let you know I stopped by! Love your blog, I'll be looking forward to new posts!

  2. You and your family are so cute! Good job mama!