February 20, 2013

EASY DIY Lanyard for Keys

I have A LOT of keys!  
I'm not even sure where 75% of them come from! On a daily basis I only use two - my car key and my house key. So I figured it was time to made a small lanyard for just my car and house keys. 
So here it is!

For this project I just dug through my scraps and found two fabrics that I liked. This is a great quick and easy scrap buster!

  • Scraps
  • Iron on Pellon/interfacing
  • Iron
  • Key Ring
  • Basic Sewing Stuff (machine, scissors etc...) 
  • Cording or Bias Tape or Shoe Lace

 My scraps measured (about)
14in x 2.5in for the main piece.

And the small pink piece was about 5.5in x 2.5in.

But just use what every you have! I didn't want mine too long, so this was perfect. 

I started by ironing on pellon to my main piece. I have no idea what kind it is - it was some hand-me-down. But it has little bumps on one side (glue) and is smooth on the other. I trimmed the extra off. (it was a piece of scrap I had from another project)

I ironed it in half with right sides together. I did this so I wouldn't have to use pins when I took it to the sewing machine.

 My smaller piece I also ironed in half with wrong sides together and then opened it. I folded in the sides towards the middle and pressed.

So it looked like this...

I hate trying to turn narrow projects (so do my fingers) so I use this tip!

Next I went over to the sewing machine. I put a shoe lace up against the fold on the inside with a tail sticking out like in the picture.
I then sewed the top close making sure the shoe lace was secure! Don't worry, the shoe lace is just there to help up turn this right side out.

Make sure as you sew your seam, you don't catch any of the shoe lace. I like to use the shoe lace because it is thick and I can feel it while I'm sewing. But you could use ribbon, bias tape, or anything similar.

 When I got to the end I just folded up the ends like so. That way this end had a nice hem.
The next part is the easy! Just pull! Once you get it started it goes really smooth! Best trick I have ever learned!

 Keep pulling!
Once you have it turned completely you can either trim off the end or use a seam ripper to undo your stitches. I LOVE this trick! Don't forget to remove the shoe lace!
I then ironed it out all nice and pretty and slipped on my key ring. I kept my key attached so you could see the ring.
  Take your two ends and put the non-hemmed end into the other end (hemmed). It might take some wiggling but it is do-able! I put it in at least 1/2in.

 Slid your key ring down towards your ends. Put your ring about an inch or two below the ends. Like so...
 Take the whole thing over to the sewing machine and sew a square to secure your ends so they don't come undone.
 See - easy! It doesn't have to look pretty because your going to cover it. I tested it by pulling and it stayed strong.
 I took my smaller scrap and wrapped it around where I just sewed. A quick trip to the sewing machine to sew it down and BAM I was done!
 Make sure you fold over and un-hemmed ends.
See! A nice new and pretty lanyard for my keys! I love it! The rest of my keys will probably just stay in my purse so I don't loose them.

Thanks for stopping by!

Have you made a lanyard for your keys? Or maybe for a thumb drive? (I might make one of those next!) I would love to see some of you pictures! Leave me a link and I'll stop by!

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