April 17, 2013

New purse!


I found this super duper cute purse tutorial on Pintrest a while ago and have been wanting to make it. I finally had some time and a few (6) Joann's coupons, so in to crafting mode I went. It took me 3 days to make my purse and about 5 hours to make my daughter matching one. And that is working almost non stop... I didn't cook dinner for two days, no laundry, hardly any dishes or cleaning and went to bed really late :-D My family survived. Lets just say I get a little obsessed with new projects!

I did not take any pictures while I was making these and I am now KICKING my self for it! BUT, if I make another one, I will be sure to take pictures, LOTS OF PICTURES! I was so in to making it, (craft mode) that I honestly didn't want to take the time to take pictures, get good lighting, edit them, "pose" my stuff... just too much work. With the pattern I followed, there were very few pictures. If  I have something to look at in addition to reading how to do it, it make so much more sense to me and is easier.

I followed the pattern for my purse exactly ( to the best of my ability) and for my daughters I followed, for the most part, this tutorial. With hers I did make a few changes.

So here are some pictures of my new purse that I am IN LOVE with and my daughters matching one! The fabric is WAY WAY WAY outside my box, but I wanted something hip, and fun and bright! I normally wear a lot of blues, purples, blacks and greys, so this was definitely a change for me.
3 days of slaving over my sewing machine
The inside with 2 pockets - one zippered
our matching purses

Have you used either one of these patterns? Do you have a similar purse? I would LOVE to see pictures!  Thanks for stopping by!

Matching child's Purse
My Purse

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