February 4, 2013

Money Saving Tip #4

Cut Back On Paper Products!

This is a simple tip, but one we often overlook in favor of convenience. I have been trying to cut back on paper products which isn't too hard. We don't use very many paper products.  But you can only cut back on toilet paper so much before people start to complaing LOL. I know paper products are convenient, but YOU DON'T NEED THEM!
I ran out of paper plates a while ago and haven't had any money to buy more, and WE HAVE SURVIVED! Same goes with paper towels. I did buy some cheap ones but hate them! I use them for cleaning only now. If you do use paper towles ( no judgment...) try putting them in a cupboard where you can't see them and you will use less!

Quit buying paper napkins and use linen ones instead. I bought myself enough fabric to make 2 dozen napkins for less then $8!!! ( I had a coupon) Thats pretty darn cheap! Those napkins will last me a LONG time! (Tutorial to come!) 

Crayola makes this great finger painting paper that we love to use, but it is spendy. Once I run out, I think I'm going to go back to doing painting on paper bags. I shop at Winco and their paper bags are not the best (or maybe its my lack of bagging skills) and I cant reuse them for shopping. So I just cut them apart and Sister Bear paints on them. Works great!

If I make a mistake when I print something from the computer, I save my paper until I have a good stack. Then I cut the paper into note size pieces and staple them together and bada bing bada boom I have a note pad!

Another option is using decorated paper bags or newspaper and use it for wrapping presents.  Grandparents really like this one.

I never buy envelopes! I still receive paper bills, but I pay everything online. When ever I receive a bill, I save the envelopes and reuse them. Thoes pesky credit card offers will also come with an envelope too, cause they are really hoping you will sign up. I save thoes too!

So these are a few of the ways that I save on paper products! If you have anything to add to the list let me know! 

Thanks for stopping by! See you next week! 


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