February 11, 2013

Gotta take a break!

Hello my imaginary followers!

I need to take a small break from blogging. I WILL be back I promise! I won't be adding very many new post between now and mid March :-( I am consigning and volunteering at the Hillsboro Pass It On Sale! I'm excited to be volunteering again. If you don't know what it is go check out the website!

So what is the Pass It On Sale? It is an awesome children's consignment sale where you can find ONLY good quality, second hand items at steeply discounted prices! I'm SERIOUS! Regular joes - like me - tag and sell items and can get 65% - 80% back on their sales. If you volunteer, you get more of your money. Plus with volunteering, you get into the presale!!! Which is the BEST! ( you get to buy things be for the general public!)

So, for the next few weeks I will be busy rounding up toys, clothes, baby gear and household stuff to sell. I then have to enter each item into the system, print the label and attach it to the correct item. Its a lot of work and I have even started yet! LOL 

BUT! I will be back! I love blogging, even though no ones here to read it lol. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. What beautiful photographs! Could kiss those baby cheeks! Stopping by from Sparkles And A Stove.