January 11, 2013

Storage Drawer Facelift

I'm pretty sure there isn't a crafter out there that hasn't had Sterilite storage drawers. I think we all start our using these drawer and then move onto bigger and better things (someday I hope!)

These drawers can sure be an eye sore! I store all my crap that I don't want to look at ( or anyone else to see) in these drawers... but they are see through! Whats the point?!?

I came across this idea the other day via Pintrest and literately smacked my head and said, " DUH! Why didn't I think of that?! GENIUS!"  That night I went through all my scrap book paper that was sitting in a drawer gathering dust and made a few coordinating piles for the various set of drawers I have. I figured I should start with a small set of drawers for my first try... easier to hide if I screwed it up too bad lol.

Here is the " Before" picture. I apologize for the not so great pictures. My crafting time is after the kiddos go to bed and the lighting is NOT great. Also I'm not one to spend really any time editing my pictures. Id rather do ANYTHING else!
"Before" with our cat helping
(Notices all the different labeling and old stickers? YUCK! It looks so disorganized to be able to see everything)

I emptied out my drawers, slid my paper down the front and marked where to cut it. Super easy for these drawers because the handle is on the outside.

Next I cut out 3 pieces all the same size. Easy Peazy!
All cut and ready to go
The I put some trusty Mod Podge on the inside of the front of the drawer. I slid my paper in, making sure it was flush with the bottom, and pressed down. I found that using an old gift card worked really well to get all the air bubbles out.
It's milky because the Mod Podge is still drying
Next I put a layer of Mod Podge on the inside to protect the paper. I made sure to get it all along the edges!
The inside
Here is the drawers all done and dry! I even used my fancy new label maker (that I'm still learning to use) and made a label for what is in each drawer! Being organized makes my heart happy!
My Labels
Have I inspired you? Or maybe you have already done this or something similar? I would love to hear about it or see pictures!

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