January 14, 2013

Money Saving Monday! Tip #1

Welcome everyone to my first Money Saving Monday tip!

I LOVE to spend money. It doesn't matter if it is on groceries, clothes, crafts.... Anything. But to have money to spend, I have to first save it. Which to be honest MOST of us suck at. No? Not you? Ah come - on... Be honest. OK well maybe it is just me that isn't good at saving money.

Well I have been doing as much as I can around the house to help us save some money. Most of it is little things, but every little bit helps right?

OK so here is it, Tip#1!

Sounds so simple, and it is! When you pull leftovers out of the fridge, your first thought is, "When did I cook this...?" If you don't know the answer to that question, chances are you put it back (in the very back in a corner) until it turns into a science experiment. 
Throwing it away = throwing away MONEY! 
Grab yourself a roll of masking tape or painters tape and a sharpie. 
Keep them near your Tupperware and when you package up your left overs, slap some tape on the lid and write the date! SIMPLE, CHEAP AND EASY! My favorite way to save money lol. The tape will even stay on your lids when running them through the dishwasher... That means you can reuse the tape! Genius!
I just write the month and day
Enjoy guys! This tip is courtesy of my grandma. So THANK YOU Grandma!

Does anyone else out there label their left overs?? If so I'd love to see your method.

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