January 9, 2013

Please secure your furniture!

Kind of a serious post today. 

Not many of us think about securing our furniture to the wall, especially a low dresser, but I will be. I came across this very sad story today and it hit really close to home. Our daughter will be 3 soon and our son is starting to pull up in everything. Please read this moms story.
Have tissues ready.

I cried the entire time I was reading this. Sister Bear also gets up before I do, turns on the TV and eats her cereal. This could have been or could be us. I don't want that to happen. I don't want it to happen to anyone, that is why I am sharing her story with you.

Here is Sister Bears dresser. Its tall and top heavy.
I have the plugs in the wall outlets, child safety knobs on door knobs, and knives, chemicals and medicine out of reach. I do my best to keep my children safe. But as this mom said, $5 and 15 minutes could have saved her daughter. My husband and I found a local place that carries furniture wall straps. We went purchased them and a strap to secure our TV.

We are screwing the bracket into the wall

Once we figured out that we were doing it didn't take us much time. The straps we got had 8 in a package, enough to do 4 pieces of furniture for $6. I encourage you to please go purchase some and do this as soon as possible. $6.. that's it. Do it for you, your children, for this mother, for peace of mind.

The back of Brother Bears dresser

This is the back of our TV after we secured it to the wall

I feel so much better knowing that my furniture is secure. of course these straps are not there to replace adult supervision. But we can not watch our children 24/7, so these are there to help. 

Have you secured your furniture? Please leave a comment an let me know!

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  1. Yeah, safety first! Especially when you have a family with kids, it's important to put these things first before anything else because you just never know what is going to happen. Better be prepared than to be sorry in the end.