January 30, 2013

Shaving Cream Heart Garland

Well, I have to say I am addicted to Pintrest! ( I'm pretty sure I have mentioned that before) I think most crafters are. This project was another one I found while on Pintrest and knew we had to try it out. We had a lot of fun doing this and clean up was a breeze!

First we had to gather up supplies. I always try and do this when Sister Bear isn't looking, or else I get a
million and one questions as to what I am doing. (this gets rather annoying, because I answer the same question a million times!)

  • Shaving Cream
  • Washable Paints
  • Small Cups
  • Card stock cut into hearts 
  • Cookie Sheet
  • An old credit card or something similar
 Next, I put some shaving cream ($1 at Albertsons)on to a cookie sheet ($1 at Dollar tree). I used the one from sister bears kitchen.
I added a little bit of water to some washable paints we had, and mixed it up in small cups. Then Sister bear helped me pour it on to the shaving cream. If you water down the paint too much it doesn't work as well.
I told Sister Bear to swirl the colors up with her finger. At first she didn't want to get her fingers messy and asked for a spoon. But I told her it would only work with her finger :-) Once she started she had a good time!
Doesn't it look pretty??
Next came the fun part. Sister Bear being 2.5 wanted to do it herself. So I let her, and she did pretty good!
1st attempt
All you do is lay the paper hearts onto the shaving cream and press gently. Make sure the shaving cream gets all over the heart, and then set it aside.

On to #2!
She got the hang of it really quick and did all of them herself!

Of coarse not all of them were perfect, but that's OK!
I thought they looked pretty neat. I think next time I'll leave one with the shaving cream on and let it dry to see what happens.
Last one!
 We are almost done! Here are all of our hearts with the shaving cream on them! See it didn't make that big of a mess!
 On to the next step: getting the shaving cream off. I used my thingy (I use it when I work with dough) to gently scrape off the shaving cream. I cant remember what it is called :-/

Just scrap all the shaving cream off! Easy!
 Here is all our hearts after we took all the shaving cream off. OK so it made a bit of a mess, but not too bad. Wipes right up with a washcloth!
 OK so now we just have to let them dry... but I have all this pretty colored shaving cream left... what to do?

Lets paint the bath!
 I took a few close ups of the shaving cream because I thought it looked pretty neat. And I'm still learning my cameras settings :-)

 So back to painting! Surprisingly this didn't hold sister Bear attention very long. I ended up painting her and the walls! I think she was just done with it. Oh well.

 Brother bear was hanging out watching... and trying VERY hard to get the pan of shaving cream!
Such a cutie!
I looked away for a moment to grab my camera and...
He then preceded to eat it. HAHA! Poor guy!

I was laughing so hard!
After the kiddos went to bed I punched 2 holes into each one and thread some red ribbon I had in my stash though them. Then I put them up in the door way to the living room along with out other valentines project we did the other day. ( I forgot to take pictures of that project!)
 I am standing in the kitchen looking into our living room in this picture. What you see through the door way is my "craft corner"!
They are pretty!

 I think they turned out great! They have a really neat marbled effect to them! I think this is something we will be doing again... Maybe green shamrocks for St. Patties Day!

 Well I hope you enjoyed this post as much as we enjoyed doing it! Let me know if you have done this project before, or are inspired by us to do it, I'd LOVE to see pictures! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come back!

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