January 18, 2013

Saving Cream Fun

This project was inspired by mommy needing some not whinny time. You know the mid afternoon whine? The kids have napped, been fed and are board and are expecting you to entertain them.....
 Well I wasn't feeling it. I know I'm not alone!
I love that smile!
I grabbed the shaving cream (huge can for $1 at Albertsons) and sat her at the dinning table.
 AH! Hear that? No more whine! 
Instantly she is excited! This was her first time playing with shaving cram and she loved it! It was up her arms, in her hair, nose, ears, mouth, belly button... EVERYWHERE! 

I added food coloring
That's ok tho, clean up is super easy. I added a bit of blue food coloring, and them some red but they didn't work out so well. Maybe next time.

Can you see the red and blue food coloring?

 And then..... she stated to get board, as most young kids do. I was NOT ready for whining again, so I broke one of my big rules of no feet on the dining room table! We have this awesome, huge window in our dining room and I let her paint ALLLL over it!
Hey! It helps clean my windows!
This is a silly face she makes a lot when shes pretending to be scared. :)
"Scared" face

This is her, " Am I going to get in trouble for this?" look.
 DADDY! Her favorite time of day is when daddy comes home. He came home from work to see this. I can't imagine what was going through his head lol. Sister Bear got to "paint" his face and had a blast!
It was definitely bath time when we were done! Another one of my favorite ways to kill time :-)

Do you and your kids ever have shaving cream fun? I would love to see some pictures! Show me some comment LOVE!

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