January 3, 2013

Calender Facelift

I'm excited to share this project with you! We are still establishing our home and our routine is ever changing. I really needed a way to manage and keep track of meals, doctors appointments, play dates, paydays and everything else that pops up. So I turned to Pintrest to gather up some inspiration for a family calender. I found some awesome ideas here, here and here. Unfortunately all of the calenders I was finding online were... just not what I was looking for. Too big, too expensive, not magnetic, too small, ugly etc...

After visiting a number of stores, I finally found one at Walmart for $12 I think. It was perfect! Not too big or small, magnetic, dry erase and cute! It even came with a couple double ended dry erase pens.
As soon as I got home, I immediately opened it an hung it up in the predetermined spot with the provided command hooks. Loved it! I started to fill in the calendar with all the things I needed to remember. I used it for a few weeks and was not happy with how messy it looked. The spot that is provided for you to write on gets small really quick when you need to write more then 2 things a day. So back to Pinterest I went to look for ways to organize my calendar. I didn't have much luck, so I got creative! Here is what I did.
Really cheap!

Thing you need:
Small magnets
Computer/ printer or scrapbook numbers
Mod podge

First I measured how wide the magnets were and made a circle on Word the same size. I then made a text box inside the circle and put the number in it. I then picked out what color I wanted. I copied it and pasted 30 more times! It worked so much better then having to make each one and making sure it was the same size. :-) then I just went back into each one and changed the numbers.I also made some extras for doctors appointments and paydays - Dr. Appt., Pay Day.I printed them out!
All the date circles printed!

Next it was time to cut each and every one out! I made the out line a little thick so it would be more forgiving to mistakes ;-). Once they were all cut out, I put a bit of Mod Podge on one side of the magnets, added a number circle and Mod Podged over the whole thing. Once they dried they looked fantastic!
It is drying
Love this stuff!

Once they were all dry, I just added them to my calender! I love the look. Please excuse my handwriting and poor photo quality, I was so excited about this post.
It's Done!
I love the cork board down at the bottom and it is currently full! All the pink magnets are paydays and the blue are Dr. Appt. I wanted the colors to stand out a bit, so I could see them from across the room.

The magnets fit perfect inside the allotted date spot!

Love it!

I use this as my meal planner too

The space off to the right I use for any notes or non grocery items we need, like diapers, toilet paper etc.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe I have inspired you? Please let me know if you have done something similar! Id love to see pictures!

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  1. Hi Kate! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a peek at my craft room! It's definitely my happy place and where I spend the majority of my time. And yes, I have awesome neighbors!!

    I LOVE this idea for your calendar! Me and/or Santa was buying smaller magnetic calendars for my daughter's fridge for a few years, but the place I was getting them from stopped selling them, and she's missed them ever since. I may have to look into making her something like this for next year! Awesome idea!!

    Thanks again for stopping by!!

    Amy E.