January 22, 2013


We did a pink day today!

We have all been sick lately, so we haven't been doing any crafts and Sister Bear has been missing them. So today we did a few things and focused on the color pink since Valentines day is coming.

We made Red Velvet cupcakes with pink cream cheese frosting! Yum! We ended up with over 2 dozen cupcakes, so Papa Bear will be taking a bunch to work tomorrow for the guys!

I have had the Sensory table empty for a few days because we have been sick, and I just haven't wanted to worry about the mess. So today I put in some red/pink water and the kids had a blast! I think they ended up going through at least 3 changes of clothes each :-)

We also made a heart garland to hang up! This was a super easy project. Sister Bear helped me with the pattern and colors. Right now I can't remember where I found the idea, but as soon as I find it I will edit this and give credit!

Last, I made pink pancakes for dinner. The picture didn't turn out very well but they were a very pretty pink! Sister Bear loves it when I make colored pancakes. She also had pink milk with dinner!

Overall, it was a good day! I'm glad we are slowly feeling better. Whats on the agenda for tomorrow you ask? I have NO idea! :-D

Thanks for stopping by!

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