January 28, 2013

Money Saving Tip #3!

Welcome back to Money Saving Mondays!
Todays topic is... TAKE SHORTER SHOWERS! 
Ah long hot showers... I forgot what those feel like lol. It never fails that I get one asleep and I jump in the shower, the other one needs me! (Meaning my lovely children Frustrating! I use to be able to shave my legs and actually wash my hair, and now I'm lucky to throw some soap on. The things we give up when we become parents... :) 
Want to learng a few easy ways to save money? Join me in my Money Saving Mondays!
 OK, so one way to save money is to take shorter showers. This may seem like a duh! thing or something you think about doing but just never do. It is a very simple way to help the environment and save you money. It won't save you load of money right away, but if you were able to track it, I'm sure you would see a huge savings over your lifetime. Its a good thing they invented this amazing thing called Google! I type in what I'm looking for a bada bing bada boom! I have all the answers without having to do any math. Gotta love Google!

This guys explains everything! CLICK HERE! I'm way to lazy to do all the math :-) but I didn't have to.You seriously need to read his thing because its very convincing. Hop on over! But don't forget to come back! 



Did you go? Good, I'm glad your back!

I'm not saying you need to take 2 min showers, just reduce your shower time by a min or 2. The link I posted above shows you how much money you can save by cutting back 1 minute, 2 minutes, up to 5 minutes. So get a timer ( don't tell me you don't have one, every phone has one!) and time your showers for a few days and figure out about how long they are. Me.. I would love to have 30 min showers again lol! If you average 15 minutes, try cutting back to 13 minutes for a week. You can do this by setting an alarm to go off in 12 minutes, then finish what you are doing and get out. By the time you get out it will probably be 13 minutes.Then cut back to 10 minutes and you have just saved yourself $9!!! (in a year of course, but you would know that if you went to the link above :)

Try it! I dare you! Its not that hard and it will make a difference!

Now go save the earth! The Power is yours!! 
 (Captain planet... lol remember them ? Ok, I'm sure I just showed my age.)

Let me know if you do it! Thanks for joining me on my Money Saving Mondays!!!

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