December 5, 2012

Sensory Bins: Dried Beans and Rice

We have discovered wonderful and messy sensory bins! Sister Bear loves to play in her dried beans and rice and askes for them often. We got the idea from this blog. She has some great ideas, so jump over and check her out! Im serious!

I really like the sensory bins because it helps develop fine and gross motor skills and promote playing alone. It's an easy activity to set up and Sister Bear isn't relying on me to entertain her all the time. I usually end up playing with her anyways lol. Hey it's fun!

Sister Bear is sitting in her Rice Bin
I have learned, it is easier to have a sheet down on the floor or to be outside because it's messy!! Up until recently it hasn't been a problem, but Baby Bear is starting to crawl. Dried beans are chocking hazard so supervise at all times! I always have to vacuum when we are done no matter what. I tend to do this rice or beans on a day I plan to vacuum :-)

So to make our sensory bins I used a shoe box I had on hand, a verity of dried beans (or rice) an old sheet, and random kitchen items. I had everything already so it took me 5 mins to gather everything and set it up for Sister Bear. I didn't give her any directions and just sat back and let her figure it out.

You can make a sensory bin with ANYTHING! Here are a few ideas. For more ideas visit!!!!
Dried beans
Soapy water with lots of bubbles
Play dough
Cloud dough
I could go go and on but here are some pictures of our fun!

Our cat is investigating

Just some random kitchen things.
Sister Bear loved to pour so cups where a hit.

Thank you for stopping by!
Have you made any sensory bins?? If so what did you put in them? I would love to see pictures!

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