December 5, 2012

Dollar tree pantry organization

I love the dollar tree and try to utilize it as much as possible. I got some great matching baskets from the dollar tree that worked out really well for this quick project.

Unfortunately I forgot to take before pictures of my pantry, but let me tell you it was pretty disorganized. I was always getting frustrated having to pull everything out just to find one thing that invariably ended up in the back of my pantry. So to fix my problem, off to the dollar tree I went. ( Generally my solution to disorganization lol)

Luckily I was able to find a ton of the same size basket that I really liked. I now have enough to do my pantry and my snack cupboard. I'll post more on my snack cupboard another time.

The top shelves on the bottom half of my pantry
In the first picture I just showed the top two shelves of the bottom half of my pantry. Below those two shelves I just have two boxes that hold all of my recycling, that honestly just gets thrown in there. Once a week I go through and organize all my recycling and Papa Bear takes it to work with him.

 So here are the pictures of my new organized pantry, or at least one section. I have pulled out each basket so you can see what I have in them.
Dried beans

Top roman, taco shells and corn tortillas

Onions and red potatoes



What have you organized using the dollar tree?


  1. I LOVE cheap organization. Way to go! I hope the pantry is still organized and still easier to dig though.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! And the baskets still work great! My favorite is the basket for the potatoes!