November 26, 2012

Master Grocery List!

  I love to shop, and I love lists! I have note pads and sticky notes and binders all over my house... they are EVERYWHERE! But I was realizing that when it came time to write my grocery list, it generally had the same things on it every time. The means many many lists that are the same, and I don't like to waste my paper.

  We grocery shop once a month and then I generally end up going 2 more times for one or two items I ran out of or forgot. As we run out or get low of something, I just write it down on a note pad that sticks to my refrigerator ( LOVE THEM ). 

Fridge scribble list

  I generally just quickly jot things down on this note pad, so it tends to get a bit messy and it is not at all organized. So I created a Master Grocery List. With this Master grocery list, I have everything that I buy often, split into categories. These categories are then organized by how I shop in the grocery store. I start at produce and end at frozen foods. Dosen't organizing just make you feel all fuzzy and warm inside?

Here is my Master Grocery List!
It is a bit messy because I have my list inside a page protector, in my master binder. When it comes time to go grocery shop, I pretty much do a quick inventory of everything in my cupboards, fridge and freezers (all 3). If I have the item in stock, I use a dry erase pen and put a line through it. That way when I'm done with inventory, I can scan my list and quickly see what I need. I then double check it against my fridge list to make sure I got everything.

  Sometimes I will just take my whole master binder with me to the store, and other times I will transfer just the things I need onto a piece of paper. Depends on my mood. I love this! Doing it this way helps insure I don't forget anything and have to go to the store later in the month.

  So that is my grocery list! I hope you got some good ideas. Please feel free to leave me a comment!

 Thanks for reading!


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