December 20, 2012

Marshmallow Snowman!

Merry Christmas everyone!

In light of recent events, I have been trying very hard to play with my babies more, because life is unpredictable. I am trying to spend less time on the computer, and more time on the floor with blocks and crayons. Also with the holiday season we have been super busy! I'm sure everyone else has too.

I have been busy and preoccupied, and Sister Bear keeps bugging me to do projects. I try to do one "project" a day. So the other night I found a quick easy project via Pintrest. Marshmallow Snowman! It was free and super easy project with virtually no mess! Who can beat that? Here is where I found the original idea.

Here we go!

 Gather up your supplies! ( I hid the marshmallows until we needed them )
  • Mini Marshmallows
  • Pretzel sticks
  • construction paper ( I used blue and white)
  • Glue stick
  • A pen
I drew a line on our blue paper about 1/3 the way up. Then I showed Sister Bear how to rip paper. Construction paper was a bit hard for her to rip so we switched to a scrap of printer paper. We just ripped chunks to represent snow and she glued them down under the line.
Its snowing!

Gluing the snow down

Making our snowman!
Next I drew a snowman shape above the line. If we do this again I will make him MUCH bigger so its easier. Then I brought out.... THE MARSHMALLOWS! The sheer joy on her face is just awesome. I thought she would eat more then she would use for the project, but once I told her what we were doing she did well. I told (and showed) her how to lick the marshmallows and squish them to the paper and that they would stick. At first she didn't believe me. Hey at first when I found this project, I didn't think it would work either. ( I actually went to the cupboard and got one out and tried it lol) 

Once we outlined him, we filled him in too! We talked about the colors, what happens to snow when it melts, what snow taste like, and how yummy marshmallows are. And we counted marshmallows as went. I try to make our projects educational, but sometimes we just like to have fun!

Next, we glued down 2 pretzel sticks for the snowman's arms. I originally was going to cut out a hat from black paper, along with buttons, eyes and a mouth. But Sister Bear decide she didn't want a hat, and she wanted him to be made with all marshmallows. So that's what we did. I then licked a marshmallow and use it like a stamp to make " snowflakes" in the air. Sorry no picture of this part :-(

So this is the finished product! It was a fun, free, quick and virtually mess-free project!
Sister Bear eating the LAST marshmallow!
 I hope you enjoyed this project and PLEASE let me know if you decide to try it! I would love to hear from you and see pictures.

What holiday art projects have you done this season??


  1. That's great! I'm so glad you had fun with it. I was also surprised when I first heard about the "lick and stick" property of marshmallows! --MaryAnn@playeatgrow

  2. Who would have thought licking marshmallow would make them stick!? I even have it hanging on the wall and not one has fallen off! Thanks for stopping by!